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Graphical Systems and visualisation - Project 2007/2008 - Martin Vesely


Panorama is from Marianske square in Zilina.



I modeled Town Hall in Rajec.

It is renesainsse one-floor building available from all sides. Open arcades served like market. On the second floor, there were administrative rooms of town council. After the newest reconstruction in 1992, the arcades are full glassed and the town hall serve as wedding, concert and exhibition room.

Technical report:

- Town hall in Rajec
- Martin Vesely, maves.. at .. maves .. . .. sk, Bratislava, 2008
- Input data: Taking photos on 25.5.2008. Groundplane taken from Town Office in Rajec. - time of modelling was approximatelly 5 days with brakes. I used Blender under Kubuntu 8.04. Blender fall down once. From this time I saved my work every 10 minutes. - Output
- Rendered images:

- Wikipedia about Rajec